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Software & Game Localisation

Software and games require a particular type of translation from translators with different areas of knowledge and at Translation.ie we can provide translation and localisation of a wide variety of genres and formats. We can translate and localise your computer programs and other operating systems and data, as well as video games with vastly different themes and from diverse cultural backgrounds.

We can take files in many formats, for example, source text, string tables, resource files, RESX, libraries, Database Dumps or HTML/XML and translate and transform them into a format ready for you to include in your builds. We can also translate and localise your User Interface (UI), scripts, manuals, promotional and marketing material, websites, games, Apps blogs, and newsletters. Working with your software development team you can build up your application and using or rapid production processes we can localise in conjunction with your development so that when it comes to testing you can test in any market or locale simultaneously and get your product to launch faster.

Correct interpretation of content and themes in your software translation and localization is critical for maintaining the integrity of the original concept in the new environmental context. The end user experience is compromised if the product is not sensitive to cultural differences and the target language is not presented correctly, we work with translators familiar with your domains and audience to ensure quality is preserved.

Our team of technical translators hail from educational disciplines such as Engineering and IT and are well equipped to deal with the unique challenges faced in media translation.

If audio or voice over is an element of your content or media we have solutions for that too.

Contact Solutions@translation.ie to discuss your requirement and evaluate the most suitable and cost effective model for your product. 

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