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Working with Scanned Documents

If you simply require a quote for the translation of a document scanned to be a certified translation or not, rather than travelling to our office or posting your document to us, you can simply email it as an attachment to mail@translation.ie and we will be delighted to review it and provide you with a full quotation saving you precious time.

Sometimes this type of solution is not what you require and your document handling solution is more involved in Business Services we have a variety of solutions to solve business processes to reduce cost and overhead dealing with printed and scanned documents.

What do you require?
Documents scanned before disposal, security shredding or archiving?
Documents scanned for indexing and retrieval?
Documents scanned and converted for Content Management Systems?
Documents to be transcribed or manually entered into a data retrieval system?
Documents converted to create Aligned Texts or to create a multi-lingual corpus?
Do you handle scanned and paper documents that need to be translated on a recurring basis?

We have solutions for scanning, converting and handling a variety of document types, we can scan and index documents for storage on your own servers or in your own cloud archive. We can convert many text types in many different languages and verify these so that they can be indexed for archiving and search. 

Advanced processing can include full document recreation for editing or translation or the creation of aligned texts to create translation memories or for content management systems to help publishing, legal, marketing and engineering requirements.

Every problem is unique and requires an equally unique solution. Outsourcing these document handling and manipulation tasks can save you time, money and resources and get the job done, or tasks and workflows can be complex and involve various aspects of IT and engineering and several layers of document recreation, DTP, text editing or translation.

If you would like to discuss any projects large or small involving scanning, indexing or text conversion please contact us in person or feel free to email solutions@translation.ie or buisnessservices@translation.ie.

Your requirements, and your documentation will be handled in a secure and confidential manner at all times, we handle all documentation and business processes in strict confidentiality and we a registered data processor with the data protection commission.

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