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Patents and Trademarks


We translate patents from the source language to the target language for all types of inventions for businesses.

We have translators specialised in fields of engineering, chemistry, biopharma, pharmaceutical and electronics.

For your patent research we can also provide you with patent search assistance to look up patents in other languages.

If you need a patent translated for use in manufacturing, legal or technology transfers. When you need to license the use of your invention in countries other than your native one, we can help you translate your patent into each vernacular. If the official language of the country in which you seek patent protection is different from your own. You will need a precisely worded, legal definition of your invention transcribed into the target language. In many cases, the original wording will not suffice because each country has its own conventions and requirements for how a patent specification must be set forth.  We can also help you in your patents search and in different countries and help you research patents in different countries.

Translation of legal documents such as patents is a highly complex transcriptional process and to avoid errors or misrepresentation of the description of the product, we use stringent checks and additional layers of proofreading to ensure accuracy. After your patent has been translated a further check is put in place with a review by one of our experts in legal terminology, to ensure your invention is properly licenced and safeguarded.


International trademarks and product descriptions often require translation for filing. Donít spend over more than you need, brokering your translation requirements, if you come to us we will provide you with certified translations for all your filing requirements.

Undoubtedly if you are defending your trademark or Patent overseas you will come across language difficulties and translation requirements at some point. We can provide the entire range of language and multilingual communication requirements. We will work with your preferred legal representatives to smoothly manage the flow of multilingual content in the processing of your application.

Contact us or email solutions@translation.ie for assistance.



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