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Language Testing

If your company deals in international trade or you are providing call centre support for multinational organisations, you will doubtless have a team of staff who are required to communicate with customers in a variety of languages. How can you be certain that the linguistic qualifications of your personnel reach the standards to which your business requires? Can they communicate clearly and competently in the target language and convey the meaning of complex business negotiations and contracts?

We can support you during the recruitment process with our language testing service. We assess potential staff membersí proficiency in their first, second or other language in the workplace. We test them based on a number of capabilities including speaking, reading, writing, or an integration of two or more of these skills. Our testing methods adhere to the highest codes of ethics and professional standards in the field of language assessment ensuring that your front level staff get the correct message to your clients.


For more information please contact Solutions@translation.ie.

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