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Document Scanning and Data Processing Solutions

Whether you just want to scan the document that needs translation and send it to us for a quote, or whether you have more complex requirements for the plethora of paperwork generated in your office daily, we have solutions for handling, converting and storing the variety of document types and volumes that you need to retain in electronic format.

Every storage problem is unique and requires an equally innovative solution. Outsourcing your document handling and manipulation tasks can save you time, money and resources and increase productivity. Converting your documents to digital format helps you keep better track, reduce operational costs, and provides efficient and secure access to them for all of your staff.

Typical Applications Include:
Archiving and Indexing Before Disposal or Document Storage.
Managing Financial Documents.
Managing Delivery Note and Stock Transaction Paperwork.
Data Entry Tasks.
Converting Documents for Editing.
Recovering Documents.
Archiving and Research Tasks.
Processing Survey Research Data.
Scanning and Conversion to a Content Management System.
Scanning and Conversion for Transcription into a Data Retrieval System.
And.. of course.. Scanning and Conversion or for Translation Projects.

We have the technology to scan and index documents for storage on your own servers or your cloud. We can convert many document types or typefaces in many languages and verify these so that they can be indexed for archiving and search. 

Advanced processing can include full document recreation for editing or translation or the creation of aligned texts to create translation memories or for content management systems to help publishing, legal, marketing and engineering requirements.

Every solution is unique, please contact us or email Solutions@translation.ie to discuss how we can best help you improve your workflow.

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