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Language Review Services

Your approach to reach a wider audience has brought you to work with various language service providers that best match the level of service required.

You now want to make sure that the different localised pieces of the global jigsaw are harmonised and that, in the long run, your content will have a consistent flow.

Translation.ie can offer the solution to this harmonisation process and provide standardised quality assurance to your localised content. As an independent review services provider, we will ensure:

  • Translation accuracy, terminology consistency and adherence to client-specific instructions.
  • The final translation reflects the appropriate style, register and message of the original content.
  • A constructive language review strategy is put in place and performance reports are run regularly to analyse and monitor the trends across languages.

Whether you are looking for a large scale review strategy programe or an ad-hoc review project, Translation.ie has the expertise and scalability to ensure the highest quality within a fast turnaround time.

To learn more about our Language Review Services, please contact us.

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