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Desktop Publishing

The comprehensive translating services at Translation.ie include not only the expertise of professional text translators, but also our high quality Desktop Publishing (DTP) Service, which involves replacing a text in one language with the translation in another language in such a manner that the page layout of your publications is preserved. We have the capability to work within all major desktop publishing software including Adobe PageMaker, InDesign, Photoshop, Quark Xpress, etc.

We can produce translations in a variety of formats and different media. We provide translations as hard copies and/or electronic files for both Windows and Macintosh platforms in several applications from any major word-processing software. We can also produce EPS files, PDF files, JPEG files, etc.

Desktop Publishing Service for localised content requires a specific skill set; our DTP team combines their work with final LSO (Linguistic sign off) to guarantee a publishable end product. Our expert desktop publishers are aware that:

  • Depending on the source and target language, translations can often swell or shrink anywhere between 10% and 25%.
  • Texts in languages such as Hebrew and Arabic are written from right-to-left. This requires the complete modification of page layouts
  • The formatting of numerals can be different depending on the target and source language. Arabic and Chinese dates, for example, use the yyyy/mm/dd format, the United Sates uses mm/dd/yyyy, while in Europe we use the dd/mm/yyyy format. Currency amounts are written in a variety of ways within and outside of Europe.
  • Punctuation can vary from country to country, including quotation marks, question marks and exclamation points.
  • Alphabets such as Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew and Chinese require different fonts to English
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