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Localisation and Internationalisation

Translation.ie is proud to lead the field in providing Localisation and Internationalisation Services to many international companies that require translations for their marketing materials, websites, brochures, presentations and multimedia, training and eLearning and MSEO services, among others. Our in-country linguists boast extensive experience in delivering a wide range of global projects.

Internationalisation and Localisation are strongly linked. In today’s global market, producing global-ready content is no doubt a competitive advantage.

Internationalisation is the process of preparing your content and software applications for a global market so that they can be adapted to various languages and regions without engineering changes.

Localisation is the process of adapting internationalised content for a specific region or language by adding locale-specific components and translating text.

Translation vs Localisation

Translation is the process through which the meaning is transferred and accurately conveyed from a source into a target language.

Localisation goes one step further. The focus moves from the text to the audience. It is the process through which a message is adapted and conveyed from one language and culture to another.

Localisation is the key approach in today’s global market.

Culturally adapted, localised content for any product or service you are presenting to a global audience, and subsequent testing and pre-launch in-context QAs are some of the solutions that will make a difference once your product reaches the global market.  

Typically, after a market analysis you may decide that the French and Spanish markets have good potential for your product. Localising your website and/or your sales material into French and Spanish will build a strong bridge between you and your potential customers.

When your localised website into Spanish seems to be attracting more and more customers from Spanish speaking customers in South America and you would like to establish a strong customer base in Argentina or Mexico, adapting your entire website or some of the high visibility sections for these locales may be the option for you.

Check our Website Localisation and Software Localisation Services.

Translation.ie, with its professional team of linguists, translators, localisers, project managers and engineers and its vast range of localisation tools, is here to offer the tailored solution for your global business opportunity and we are only one click away.

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