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Telephone Interpreting

Our professional 24/7 telephone interpreting service enables you to communicate with anyone around the world in an instant, helping you achieve efficiency in today’s multicultural environment. We offer telephone interpreting services in more than 150 languages for emergencies or pre-scheduled assignments. 

Our telephone interpreters specialise in OPI (over-the-phone interpreting) for all industries, globalization and cross-cultural communications. 

Why Telephone Interpreting?

Fast & Efficient

Instant access, 24/7, to over 150 languages supported by over 3,000 professional, over- the-phone interpreters within an average connect time of 30 seconds. 

Confidential & Discreet

For assignments of a sensitive nature, telephone interpreting can provide you with the necessary privacy without having to have a third party physically present, and still lift the language barrier. It is mostly suitable for private business meetings, medical appointments, legal consultations, etc. 


Telephone interpreting can be set up from either a mobile phone or a landline, which means that you do not need to be tied to your office desk or any fixed location. You can contact us from anywhere and we will provide the interpreter and set up a conference call.

Cost Effective

Telephone interpreting does not require an interpreter to be physically present at a location, which cuts out the interpreter’s travel time and other expenses. The cost for engaging this service is considerably lower than using traditional face-to-face interpreting services.

Call us at 01 6520760 or email us at mail@translation.ie to book an interpreter now.

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