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Multilingual & International Market

International Marketing

Companies sometimes assume that what works in their home country will work in another country. It is all about taking the same product, same advertising campaign, even the same brand names and packaging … but trying to market it the same way in another country is a risky move. The result in many cases is failure. The assumption that one approach works everywhere fails to consider differences that exist between countries and cultures. 

While many companies who sell internationally are successful following a standardised marketing strategy, it is a mistake to assume this approach will work without sufficient research that addresses this question.

At Translation.ie we assist companies in their global marketing efforts. We will help you develop marketing programmes and promotional campaigns that are both innovative and practical, leveraging our extensive international experience. The global internet economy is an opportunity for geometric growth and wealth creation around the world.

We will assist all parties whose knowledge, skills, technology, and expertise meet global needs and bring about improvements in their intent to expand their business abroad. Using traditional marketing tools, as well as cutting-edge internet technologies, we develop multilingual communications strategies and deliver sales and marketing messages to target audiences around the globe in their native tongue. With our Multilingual Marketing service we will make sure your potential global audience finds you.

Multilingual Marketing

The English language now accounts for less than 13% of internet searches within the EU and less than 10% across Asia. Businesses who only market themselves with web sites written in English are clearly missing out. 

With internet spending driving the most-rapidly growing portion of the international economy, reaching the non-English speaking segments of the globe is becoming increasingly important. The need for cost-effective multilingual marketing has never been so great as in today's expanding global marketplace.

Translation.ie will help you generate the highest possible exposure for your business products and services by developing, designing and building a multilingual website which meets your needs to break into lucrative overseas markets.

You will be surprised to find out that a simple three-language site can triple the number of visitors to your site, as their native language is always the first to be used when searching the internet.

Do not underestimate your website! It is the key to enter the Global Market and Translation.ie is your professional support to get your business at a wider audience’s door.

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