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Language Training

To be confident doing business in today’s global economy you and your team need the edge that language training can give you. With companies rapidly expanding overseas, forging international partnerships, and dealing with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and demographics, it makes perfect business sense to invest in some linguistic up skilling for your employees.

When you can deal with foreign clients and international business partners in their own language, you will gain an enormous advantage over your competitors and be at ease with your international operations. At Translation.ie we can help your business to compete in the global economy by working with your managers and front line staff to coach them in the major vernaculars of the commercial milieu in which you operate and ensure that they are competent communicators.

Furthermore, we offer coaching in understanding cultural differences and similarities, business etiquette and practices, behaviours and customs. We go further and coach your team in the nuances, idioms and colloquialisms of the native language.

Our language training packages are specifically tailored to your company and the type of business you do by our highly trained network of native speakers.  We use diverse training methodologies to cater for individuals and small or large groups in seminars, workshops or one to one training sessions.

Professional teachers and tutors now residing in Ireland available to work with you on your time helping you learn the language you want.

Please contact training@translation.ie for more information. 

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