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Having a bit of Craic with Irish

For the love of Irish ....    Grá na Gaeilge

It has been said that each word is a reflection of the people who created it. There are more than 4,400 words in the Irish language used to describe people. What does that say about the Irish? It says that we are a judgemental bunch that have always been able to come up with a good word to describe a person! We like to label people .  If someone gets out of their box, they may be described as a feillbhithiúnach (scoundrel) or an amhosóir (hooligan). If your levels of hygiene leave much to be desired you might be described as a guta (filthy creature). Some of our words have even made it into the English language such as “slíbhín” (sly person.)

Some of these words (be they negative or positive) are at risk of dying out. Manchán Magan (travel writer for the Irish Times) has come up with an initiative called “Gaeilge Tamagotchi.” This will allow a word to be assigned to a particular person to nurture and bring back to life. It’s a fantastic initiative which will allow some forgotten words in Irish to be revived.

If you are capable of adopting the likes of “A stóirín mhín” (gentle sweetheart) or “flabaid” (flabby faced person) then come along to take part.

Don’t be a bruithleachán and come to support!

Words will be assigned at the Project Arts Centre Dublin between 9th and 12th of September from 3.30pm to 6.30pm.

If you are coming to see us you might expect to learn a new Irish word.


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