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Translation.ie Data Protection Registration and Policy Overview

At Translation.ie we process valuable, sensitive, confidential and often personally identifiable information. If you are paying us to translate your documents, you will want to know that we are keeping your valuable information safe. In this regard, and in compliance with the data protection act, we are a registered data processor with the data protection commissioner.

Registration with the data protection commissioner is also a compulsory requirement for many of the contracts we operate on behalf of the government, hospitals, legal bodies and companies with whom we work. We implement this in our quality policies to ensure compliance with the strict European-wide requirements for the protection of personally identifiable information. It is also of paramount importance to our commercial clients who routinely request us to process [translate] sensitive or confidential information.

We have no business case or any other use for the confidential information your documentation may contain except for that of translating it. Personal data is neither collected nor cross-referenced in any way.

How we use the data you send us and the measures we take in order to protect it and your identity, and the identity and confidentiality of your clients include in brief:

Data is only stored for use within the production process of your translation.

We do not extract, disseminate, index or store data contained in your document in a retrieval system except where this is expressly required in the production process of your document.

Data is deleted upon settlement of all accounts and is not retained for any other purpose.

We do not transmit [disclose] unencrypted or unsecured information, data or strings for translation to “big data” companies or web-based utilities. 

The data you send us is only used for the purpose for which it is intended, namely to translate the data and prepare final documents as required within translation, post-editing and DTP processes. 

Any data stored is held on secured, firewalled and backed up server storage for the life cycle of the project and to allow satisfactory review of the process for quality control and review purposes.

Scanned and otherwise non-machine-readable documents are not converted to indexable or searchable formats.

Translation memories and term bases are only made available to the appropriate owner and are not shared outside that owner’s domain.

Documents you send us are not transmitted to third parties without appropriate data protection measures in place. 

Our data protection compliance is measured and audited in accordance with our ISO quality standards.

Confidentiality is as important to us as it is to you. We hold all confidential and private information sent to us for quotation and/or translation and all our staff, translators and contractors have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We can put in place or agree to any additional or supplemental NDA on either an individual or project-by-project basis.


Please contact us for more information.

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