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Translation.ie was founded in 2001 to service the language requirements of a burgeoning multicultural, multilingual Ireland. Over the last 10 years, the company has developed into a leading interpretation, translation and localisation agency offering around the clock full language solution services to both Irish and global market.

Our services include translation, interpretation and localization solutions from and into all major languages such as French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and Urdu, among others. We also offer the same excellent services in lesser known or less used languages, including, but not limited to, Gaeilge, Thai, Tamil, Igbo, Swahili, Lingala and Yoruba. Whether your language is a major European one or a little known local dialect, we apply the highest standards in the business.

Interpreting Services

The company provides the highest quality interpreting services for all situations, from a private legal or medical consultation to official conference interpreting assignments. Our highly experienced and qualified interpreters will assist you to communicate in any language by Simultaneous Interpreting, Consecutive Interpreting, Telephone Interpreting and Sign Language Interpreting. All our interpreting assignments are treated in confidence and all interpreters adhere to our Confidentiality Agreement and Code of Conduct.

Translation Services

We provide certified translations of all types of documents, including, among others, legal, medical, technical, business, academic and private or handwritten correspondence. We have an unrivalled team of translators and proofreaders with industry-specific experience across a broad section of private and public bodies and institutions. Every member of the team has signed our Confidentiality Agreement and is bound by our Code of Conduct.

Localisation Services

Your product sells well at home so you’d like to go one step further and reach a larger global audience. Translation.ie is the language solution partner you have been looking for. Whether you are working on a new product to be launched globally, a new marketing campaign, your website localisation, your software internationalisation and globalisation process, a multimedia campaign or you would like to review and QA your already localised content to ensure it is ready for the launch, Translation.ie is the partner that will work with you to make your localisation (and business) requirements successful.

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